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A Different Kind of Hero


Every 1st of the month on our FaceBook page, we like to call out and thank a specific branch of First Responders. Sometimes it’s the entire category; Nurses, for example. We’ve had occasion to thank a specific unit of First Responders, especially around our home in Louisville.

Unsung Heroes

This month, it occurs to us that there are other – unsung – heroes. While trying to write an acceptable length FaceBook “thank you” (to the front line, tireless, about to be in our kids’ lives five days a week, often taken for granted … you get the picture) we just couldn’t do it.

teacherssFrom pre-K to senior year, teachers, administrators, and all the supporting staff are the people we partner with, who foster the good in our kids and set an example for them to follow. They work with adorable little kids and sometimes difficult and troubled ones; it is a calling few will answer and not for the faint of heart.

So this month, we want to shout out to our Partners in Education. As parents and students ourselves, we appreciate the sacrifices you make to ensure the youth of America are all the more prepared for adulthood.

Heroes for Education

EDU logoTechRestore has been working with schools, districts, teachers, parents and students for nearly two decades. We know how to help a budget dollar stretch and we are rigorously dedicated to reducing downtime with our fast repairs. We proudly offer everything schools need to stay in sync with the technology of today. As a Lenovo authorized sales and service provider, we can take an aging (or budding!) fleet from zero to hero in no time at all while offering the same amazing, concierge service all our customers expect. Of course, we have a special knack for Apple device repairs and support. In the past couple of years we added support for Google for Education (licensing and set up) and a host of other skills and certifications to stay in step with the every changing Education technology landscape.

We’d love to add more schools to our growing list of partnerships. If you or someone you know is looking for a technology solution for their school or district, consider referring them to TechRestore. You can trust us to offer comprehensive solutions with their best interest at heart.

Thank you for being part of the TechRestore family and be sure to thank a Teacher, Administrator or Support Staff person today! (Or when you get back to school.)

new tr logo


TechRestoreEDU-logoThis industry is always changing, and with it, so too does our business. It’s up to us to follow market trends. When a new device is released we have to buy it, open it, take it apart, and decide if its a viable product to support.

Several years ago, we did a lot of repair and support of Macbook and other Apple computers. With the advent of the iPad in 2010, we’ve seen an increase in the number of iPad repairs we do, and conversely a decrease in the amount of MacBooks that we see in. This is due in part to the needs of the consumer. Many users find an iPad or tablet to be adequate for web browsing, email, and other simple task that they would otherwise use a laptop for. When you factor in price, an iPad being cheaper than a comparable Macbook, the decision is simple.

All this means is that we’ve had to shift our focus a bit. Schools all across the country are adopting the use of iPads in the classroom as interactive learnings tools in the place of textbooks and computers. In recent years we’ve partnered with many schools and districts across the nation to repair and support their devices.

Our EDU program is a relatively new part of our business and one that we are trying to bolster. We recently hired on a new man to our team, Mark, for a position that didn’t previously exist. Change in this business as well as in life allows for growth and opportunity. Congratulations are in order for Mark as he makes his first sale and settles into his new position as EDU Sales Representative.

If your interested, you can contact Mark with any inquiries or questions about our EDU program at mark@techrestore.com.