iPhone 6 Repairs

We can’t always be the ones to help you directly, but we can lead you in the right direction. You may have noticed that we don’t offer an iPhone 6 repair yet. Well, Apple does. Apple offers iPhone 6 screen repairs for $109 and iPhone 6 Plus for $129. If your iPhone 6 is in need of a fix you can visit Apple’s website here. You have the option to mail your device in or schedule an appointment to meet with a Genius at an Apple Retail Store.

iphone6-select-2014The fact of the matter is the cost on our end doesn’t allow us to offer this repair for a reasonable price. Being that Apple makes the parts that they use for their repairs, their cost is less. Currently we are working to come up with a solution to offer this repair soon at an affordable price. Our goal is to be a resource for all of our customers, even if that means sending you somewhere else in the short term for a service we do not currently offer.

4 thoughts on “iPhone 6 Repairs

  1. Mike

    Keep in mind that $109/129 is the price only if they successfully replace your screen. In many cases during the “calibration test” following the repair your phone may become bricked. If that is the case not only will your phone not be returned to you but you will also be charged $300+ for a replacement unit. Make sure to back everything up if you go to Apple as we have seen this happen quite a few times already.

  2. Los Angeles Computer Services

    I don’t have an iPhone 6 yet due to how my contract works and I’m not due for an update yet, but this phone is amazing, (I used my mother’s phone). However, repairs have to be done to all products, no matter how perfect they seem. Very helpful post!

  3. SBO

    Iphone6, design elegant some light, and pleasant of IOS8 quickly.

    I use the same.

    Photography is very beautiful.

    I like Slo-mo Mode.


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