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TechRestore brings their team of Customer Service Rock Stars and Certified Technicians to the world of Windows!

TechRestore Windows PC repair

About 12 years ago, I wrote a little post about TechRestore. I talked about being frustrated with a dismal service experience and taking that frustration and turning it into a thriving business with the help of a great team of people. Well, I just had another one of those life-changing experiences and I’m back to talk to you again.

In the course of managing several different businesses, I was surprised to learn that some essential software just doesn’t work on a Mac! I know, right? Despite the massive success of Apple and Macintosh, some software developers still focus solely on Windows. This is how I became a Windows PC owner. I mean, how bad could it be, right? After being a stalwart Mac supporter for decades, it was time to peek over to the other side.

Well, I’m not going to talk about the Windows experience vs. Mac, but I am going to talk about bad service and how it’s still causing headaches and frustrating people that want a simple solution and to be treated well when getting it. When I needed some help with a Windows PC, this is what I wanted, too.

But that didn’t happen.

I visited several repair companies to get some help with a tricky problem that could have been software or hardware. I was looking for this:

Up front pricing

A firm repair quote

Speedy turnaround

Great customer service

A long warranty

What I found was vague pricing, no firm repair quotes (more like repair guesses), turnaround time of a week or more, customer service that just wanted to sell me more and move to the next customer and a very limited warranty period of just 30-90 days.

That’s bad. But, that’s also an opportunity!

I met with our Apple Certified Technicians and we discussed my poor experience. They quickly began to get excited about bringing our awesome customer service credo, our up front pricing, our typical 24-hour turnaround time and our 1-year warranty to other long-suffering Windows PC owners. Technicians unite!

I am thrilled to announce that we are now employing A+ Certified Technicians that are excited to help you solve your Windows PC problems!

Have a nasty virus, spyware or adware running on your PC? TechRestore can help!

Running out of storage space or want to install a speedy SSD drive? TechRestore can help!

Have a broken screen on your Windows laptop? Yes, you guessed it: TechRestore can help!

We are performing both local and mail-in repairs. You can schedule a repair and find out more by visiting our website or by calling 888-647-3786.

Thanks for your support!

Shannon Jean


The Small Business Show – our Founder speaks

In addition to being involved in the day-to-day operations of TechRestore, our Founder, Shannon Jean is also a co-host of the Small Business Show, a weekly podcast focused on helping small business owners learn from each others experiences. On this weeks show, join Shannon, along with co-host Dave Hamilton as they talk with Tim Cox from ZingPR about how he got started in the PR business and how PR plays an important role in every business.



Tim Cox from ZingPR joins Shannon and Dave today to talk about what it’s like to tell other people’s stories while still making sure to tell his own. That, plus what it’s like taking over a business from one’s spouse! All of this and more in today’s Small Business Show!

Coming in to a great customer review

Jim Tuohy made our Thursday morning with this wonderful review of his iPad purchase from our eBay store. Thanks Jim!

Gail and Dawn,
I received the 2nd unit less than 24 hours after shipping the damaged one back to you. I have it charged up and it checks out very good. No issues.
Thank you for your help with this situation. The following is the review I left on ebay as well as excellent feedback.

This is difficult, how do you give a 10 STAR company only 5 STARS. The Apple IPAD is known as an excellent product and you can buy one from many sellers. The difference in you purchasing/owning experience is working with TECHRESTOREREFUB on ebay. My ipad came in late Friday night with a small crack in the glass at the corner in the frame area. The seller emailed me to make sure I had opened it and answer any questions, I mentioned the crack, “NO,NO,NO we only sell perfect products” they replied with a shipping label to return it. I dropped it off at a UPS Store Monday morning before 9:00 by Tuesday afternoon I had a replacement. They suggested I order another one and would receive FULL credit for the “not perfect” one. I did and opted for the fast shipment. When I buy my next Apple product IF THEY DON’T SELL IT — I’M NOT BUYING. Excellent Customer Service. I even decided to call to confirm the purchase / credit transaction. I expected 45 minutes minimum of listening to music, then a long automated menu. One ring, 4 item menu, 2 rings and the person who wrote the email said “Hello Jim, I’m so sorry we had a problem ……” This before I could even say ‘hello’. This company stands behind their products and makes sure the customer knows who is king , THE CUSTOMER IS. Buy from this Seller. The prices are great, the products are great and the company is beyond belief. “

I look forward to a continued relationship with you and your company.
Thanks for being GREAT

Jim Tuohy

You can join Jim and save some big bucks on refurbished iPads at the TechRestore eBay store.ebay-store-header

Getting your customers to love you…

The Wall Street Journal posted the full video of their interview with Tim Cook from their WSJD Live Global Tech conference today. You can view the video below – it’s worth your time.

One thing that struck me was when Tim said: In “the long arc of time, you are only relevant if customers love you,” he said.

Today when I came into the office, I noticed some customer “Love” in the break room in the form of a dish of candy, wrapped with the schools name and mascot. Thank you Berean Christian High School for your ongoing support and for taking care of our chocolate fix today! Go Eagles!


Customers love TechRestore!

Here’s the video with Tim Cook. It’s almost as good as the candy:

How Apple Pay really works

Great article from Kirk Lennon on how Apple Pay works.


Here’s the best part:

One of the objections I’ve seen to Apple Pay is “How is it faster/easier than just sliding my card?” The truth is, it isn’t always. It’s rarely going to take longer than sliding a card, but it’s not always going to radically faster either. However, it is much, much more secure. Merchants simply can’t be trusted with your card number, and the only real solution is to never give it to them. [emphasis added] Apple Pay solves that, and it does so in a way that embraces industry standards and is easy and maybe even a little bit fun.

Boom! Well said.


Get the Safari full web address back in Yosemite

If you’ve upgraded your Mac to OS 10.10 Yosemite and you noticed that Safari now just gives you a general, top level web address (IE vs., there’s a quick solution to get the real addresses showing again.

Just go to Safari > Preferences > Smart Search Field
Check the box “Show full website address”

Fix Safari short URL problem

That’s it! Now you can go back to being the productive human that you’re used to being.