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Repair Solutions That Save Money and Make Sense

macbook apartYou can count on TechRestore to have repair solutions for your Apple and PC devices, no matter the age. The big challenge for older devices and brand new ones is that the part prices are typically astronomically high! Our priority, of course, is to source parts from trusted vendors and adjust our prices down as the market levels. We’re so confident in our parts, we offer our customers lifetime guarantees on most repairs.  So you can rest assured, when we add a new service, it has met all our quality criteria and it will exceed your expectations as well. 

We are always looking for new services that are beneficial to our customers.

logic board repair

That is why have been busy finding the best solution for board level repairs for all devices! These repairs require a high level of skill to complete, which can make the service difficult to find. The demand for board level repair has been more pronounced recently due to the quest to achieve smaller and thinner designs. Now, the main board has become more important than ever, as it typically contains the processor, video card, RAM, hard drive, and more. With all those components now tiny and attached to a board with solder, machines have a smaller amount of replaceable components inside. Repairing the board can be much more cost effective than replacing, saving you hundreds of dollars.  You can order this service online, start with a free diagnosis, send us a message or call 502-398-6456 or stop by for more details.

MB-Air-retina.jpegIf you have a new MacBook Air Retina, you can attest to the beauty of the new retina display. It perfectly compliments the thin, light design of the MacBook Air. Of course, laptops by nature are in harms way. We have seen cracked screens resulting from the most mundane activities, it happens. We hope that doesn’t happen to you, but if it does, TechRestore can repair your MacBook Air Retina screen starting at just $650. That includes our lightning fast turn around time, epic customer service and the longest warranty in the market.


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Identifying, Preventing & Repairing Malware

mac with malware symbolMacs are not immune to viruses or malware attacks,

while they are more difficult to exploit than Windows, hackers have been increasingly using browser hijackers and click baits in an attempt to get your personal information. The targets of these attacks seem to be random, and one of the most recent was Ariana Grande fans who downloaded a pirated version of her new album  which contains malware that is stealing their online banking information.

Adware and malware can be a problem for everyone. It can be disguised as familiar “software updates” that don’t really update anything. Once you agree to download this “update” you could be downloading software that can slow your machine down, or worse, share your personal data with someone else.

To prevent these issues there are some best practices that TechRestore recommends:

  1. Ignore unfamiliar pop-ups offering updates after loading a web page, especially if they warn you that your device is “infected”
  2. Set your homepage to
  3. Use trusted software to scan for and prevent adware and malware
  4. Visit only trusted and safe websites (so if you get an email link from your bank for example, go to their website directly, don’t click the link)
  5. Remember, most malware requires some action from you, so use caution.

Even abiding by the recommendations above doesn’t guarantee you won’t contract adware and/ or malware. If you think this has happened to your Mac or PC, TechRestore is offering a special service to save you money and keep you protected. We will do a complete check, removal, and install software that will help protect your machine for 1 year, all for only $100. As always you can set your repair up online and send your machine in for quick service, or stop by our store in Louisville, KY. If you have any questions or need help setting up your repair give us a call at (502) 398-6456, or send us an email.

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Get Your Device Ready for Spring!

basketball_nothing_but_net_march_madness_70March Madness is upon us!

Whether you follow college basketball or not, you can hardly avoid hearing about it mid-March to early April every year.

At TechRestore, our team has one goal in mind – delivering experiences beyond expectation. On that, we are completely unified and for a few hours a day, we can put aside our otherwise fierce college basketball rivalries. (Just kidding, it’s all very friendly.)

In the spirit of fast breaks and slam dunks, we’re happy to present some special offers!

Let’s start with screen repair discounts!

If your phone, tablet or computer screen has been broken for a while, this special is a great reason to stop putting off the repair. Besides, it’s time to see the screen clearly and stop hiding your phone in public!
Now through April 8th, selected repairs are discounted to maximize your viewing pleasure (and in case any of your devices fall victim to over celebrating or over reacting to a loss during the games! Hey, we get it!).

march madness discounts

And we’re not stopping there!


ipad mini 1We have iPad mini’s for $75! These minis still have lots of life in them! They’re perfect for weekly FaceTime calls with relatives, lightweight enough to use for taking videos and pictures, as an e-book reader, web browser and more.

Is your device not quite right, but you’re not sure why?

stethoscope on laptop keyboardLet our Certified Techs take a look at no charge! Diagnostics are always fast and free. There is no obligation to complete the repair and if you decide not to fix your device, we can even responsibly recycle it at no charge. The best part is, there’s no appointment necessary! Call 502-398-6456 or come by if you have questions or go online to set up the service anytime.



Thanks, again, for the opportunity to help!


PSA – HP Battery Recall Round 2

No need to panic!

hp devicesThis week, HP issued a recall for some batteries in a few select models of laptops, desktops, 2-in-1s, tablets and even some mobile devices. If you have an HP computer, it may be at risk of overheating, which poses a burn or fire danger. Even if you checked your HP on the last round (January 2018), please do so again! Some of the batteries they ok’d before are now showing up as defective.

HP is working hard to make it right and, of course, they are replacing the batteries at no cost. Unfortunately, you will not be able to perform this on your own, as most of the affected batteries are internal to the system and require a trained tech.

So, just find out if you’re affected and get it started! Go to HP’s recall site and download the “Battery Validation Utility” and follow the instructions from there.

We wish we could help with this service, but at least we can make sure all our friends and customers know! Please share this with everyone (even if you don’t think they have an HP, they may know someone who does.

If you’d like to steer anyone toward a reliable Apple device *wink, wink* we know a place with fantastic prices and friendly, knowledgable Apple and PC experts.

As always, TechRestore is delivering experience beyond expectation.

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