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Behind The Scenes VFX Shots From TV And Film

Great VFX (visual effects) in TV and movies helps to create a setting and atmosphere that draws you in and helps to better connect you to the characters and story. When done properly it’s nearly impossible to tell when VFX are being used.

Boredpanda.com compiled  some of the best behind the scene photos from around the web showing us just how shows and movies like Game of Thrones, The Hobbit, and The Walking Dead do it.  It’s mostly green screen (which doesn’t actually need to be green).I found it interesting  to see how much in each scene isn’t actually there while shooting, it makes some of the films even more impressive to me.

Game of Thrones

green screen scene game of thrones

egret game of thrones falling from wall green screen


Ugly Betty 

ugly betty green screen


The Dark Night 

scarface the dark night green screen


The Hobbit

the hobbit green screen

For a gallery of more shots like these you follow the link here.