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Quick Tip: How to Block Favorites When Clicking on Safari Search Bar

By default, when clicking on the Safari 8 search bar, a popup window of your favorites appears in a scrollable grid. That new feature is a departure from previous behavior and could be distracting. If it is for you like it is for me, here’s how to block that feature.


Screenshot 2015-02-19 12.22.11

You can see what I’m talking about from the screenshot above. Some may find this a bit intrusive. If you want to disable this feature just head into the Safari preferences: Safari > Preferences > Search > “Show Favorites.”




Just deselect the checkbox if you don’t want that grid of favorites popping up when you click in the URL bar. Voila! Now you can browse the web with a little less visual clutter getting in your way. While you’re exploring Safari’s preferences, why not take a look at a post we published on how to get the full Safari web address back.