PSA – HP Battery Recall Round 2

No need to panic!

hp devicesThis week, HP issued a recall for some batteries in a few select models of laptops, desktops, 2-in-1s, tablets and even some mobile devices. If you have an HP computer, it may be at risk of overheating, which poses a burn or fire danger. Even if you checked your HP on the last round (January 2018), please do so again! Some of the batteries they ok’d before are now showing up as defective.

HP is working hard to make it right and, of course, they are replacing the batteries at no cost. Unfortunately, you will not be able to perform this on your own, as most of the affected batteries are internal to the system and require a trained tech.

So, just find out if you’re affected and get it started! Go to HP’s recall site and download the “Battery Validation Utility” and follow the instructions from there.

We wish we could help with this service, but at least we can make sure all our friends and customers know! Please share this with everyone (even if you don’t think they have an HP, they may know someone who does.

If you’d like to steer anyone toward a reliable Apple device *wink, wink* we know a place with fantastic prices and friendly, knowledgable Apple and PC experts.

As always, TechRestore is delivering experience beyond expectation.

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