New Device Fever – TechRestore’s Trade-in Cure

The Fever

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Tomorrow, September 10th, Apple hosts its annual September Event. This year’s invitation reads “By Innovation Only”. The name suggests what the tech world awaits with bated breath: something new from Apple.

Inevitably, the new device announcements trigger a wave of trade-ins; as an eager public upgrades their older devices for the shiny new latest and greatest. This fever is fanned by the revelations of what the software announcements from June will translate to in the new devices. A new generation: better, stronger, faster.


The Cure

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At TechRestore, we’re ready for your trade-ins! We love your older tech! In fact, now and always, TechRestore pays at least 10% more than Apple for your used device. In addition, you don’t have to spend your trade-in cash here (though we have a lot of great stuff you could use it for: laptops, iMacs, iPhones, cases, speakers, keyboards … you get it). You’ll walk out the door with your payment on the same day. We’ll also make sure all your data is securely erased and all your personal information is removed.

What about those broken or “ancient” devices? Well, if we can’t fix it (or you don’t want to) or it doesn’t have any trade in value, we will happily and responsibly recycle your old device at no charge to you.

The Bonus

Now, what if you’re not in the market for a brand new iPhone, Apple Watch, MacBook Pro or whatever else is announced? Good news! TechRestore has a great selection of Certified Restored devices for sale. You can take advantage of our trade-in program and if you still need some cash, we offer quick financing, too.

Come see (and even purchase) some of the devices we have on hand here.

Call or stop by for more information! Be sure to watch the Event tomorrow if you can!

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