iPhone 6s Plus Screen Repair by Apple Certified Technicians: $199

iphone 6S plus repair $199 at TechRestoreWe’re thrilled to announce our exclusive factory original iPhone 6s Plus screen repair service today!

The TechRestore iPhone 6s Plus screen replacement service is performed by one of our Apple Certified Technicians and includes our famous 1-year warranty!

TechRestore iPhone 6S Plus screen repair is just $199


How long will the repair take to complete? TechRestore iPhone screen repair typically takes about an hour.

Are you getting a cheaply made copy, or an original LCD screen? TechRestore uses factory original LCD screens for iPhone repair.

What is the warranty on iPhone repair? This may not sound that important now, but what’s better, a 30-day warranty or 1-year? Will you find that guy who meets you at a coffee shop when you need warranty support? TechRestore offers a full 1-year warranty on our iPhone repairs and we’ve been doing these repairs for over a decade.

Our repair center in Concord is open Monday – Friday 8am-5pm. No Appointment Needed!

Get directions to TechRestore here. Questions? Email or call 925-689-9488

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