High Quality, Speedy Repairs

We’re just like you; we can’t imagine living very long without our iPhone, iPad or Mac.

Speed is critical, that’s why the vast majority of the repairs that our Apple Certified Technicians perform are completed within the same-day or within 24-hours (M-F) of receiving your product. TechRestore is made up of the team of Technicians that introduced the first overnight Mac laptop repair program in the United States. We know all about the need for speed.

And while we want to get you back in action as quick as we can,┬áit’s critical that the repair is completed correctly, so you can be confident that your device is working correctly and it won’t need a return visit to a Technician. Rest assured that we won’t let your device out of our hands until we’re sure the repair is completed correctly. Intermittent problems, or other situations that require a longer repair time will be explained to you up front, before you decide to leave your product with us for repair.

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