The TechRestore DIY Repair SafetyNet – We’ve got your back!

All of us at TechRestore are Makers at heart. We’re DIY folks that have turned our passion for fixing things into a business, a lifestyle and a family of technicians that love to share our knowledge with our customers. We have performed tens-of-thousands of repairs since 2004 and we’re still excited to get our hands on the latest iPhone, iPad or Mac so we can disassemble it, see what makes it tick and offer a repair program to serve our customers needs.

For years, our main focus has been providing award winning repair services by our team of Apple Certified Technicians. Today, we are thrilled to announce the addition of an entirely new DIY repair parts solution for iPhone, iPad and Mac products that caters to consumers that wish to perform repairs themselves.

Of course, we couldn’t just roll out a new section on our website to sell parts without putting our special twist on helping to make your DIY repair a success. In addition to offering a wide assortment of repair parts for sale with our legendary quality, fast shipping and warranty support, we’re introducing our exclusive SafetyNet program to offer you help, should you run into a problem with your repair.


Here’s how the TechRestore SafetyNet program works:

Purchase a repair part on our website, or call 925-689-9488 to order via phone (Yes, you CAN talk to an actual human!).  We will ship your parts out within 1-business day (usually same-day if ordered before 5pm ET).

So let’s say you follow one of our repair guides or watch a video and you’re feeling like a Boss when you start your repair. So far, so good. Halfway through, you run into a problem, or maybe you’re about to put everything back together, but you can’t quite remember how things line up, maybe your cat ran off with all the screws for your device. You get the idea.

You realize, you could use some help. Simply head to the SafetyNet section of our website, or make that human-to-human contact at 925-689-9488. We will email you a pre-paid shipping label to pickup your device. Simply drop-off at your local FedEx and once we receive your SafetyNet package, we will inspect your device, diagnose the issue and offer you a quick solution so we can get your device back to you as quickly as possible.

What’s it cost? Just $29 and that includes shipping to TechRestore, the diagnosis and return shipping back to you. If additional parts or labor are needed, we will provide you a no-obligation price quote and apply the cost of the parts you purchased, towards the repair price.

So now you have the best of both worlds – great prices on quality repair parts, with the TechRestore SafetyNet in place should you need the help of an Apple Certified Tech to complete your repair. That’s some good stuff.

3 thoughts on “The TechRestore DIY Repair SafetyNet – We’ve got your back!

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  2. James Donnelly

    My iPad air charges slower now. I don’t know if it is the battery or if it the usb charge port issues. Perhaps
    You may have an idea what is costing the charge to charge slower. In 24 hr charge I now only get about 20% charge normally overnight ( 24 hrs) it becomes 100% charge.
    If repair is needed what am I looking at cost part labor and tax total. Please reply at my email
    Thanks, James Donnelly

    1. TechRestore Staff Post author

      Hi James,

      Thanks for contacting us for help. We will reply directly to your email with the information you requested.


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