New Device Fever – TechRestore’s Trade-in Cure

The Fever Tomorrow, September 10th, Apple hosts its annual September Event. This year’s invitation reads “By Innovation Only”. The name suggests what the tech world awaits with bated breath: something new from Apple. Inevitably, the new device announcements trigger a wave of trade-ins; as an eager public upgrades their older devices for the shiny new […]

TechRestore Counts the Ways – May 16th National Love a Tree Day

May 16th is National Love a Tree Day! Trees provide shelter for people and animals, shade, they help prevent the erosion of soil, oh yeah, and they turn carbon monoxide into oxygen! If only they did something really great like provide free wi-fi, right? There are many ways you can observe this day celebrating Mother […]

TechRestore – Earth Day is Everyday!

April 22, 2019 is Earth Day #49. This movement began in 1970 and continues strong today. Earth Day is typically celebrated with regional clean up days; check your city or the website for planned activities you can participate in. Apple took the lead in environmental responsibility early on. As of last year, all their […]

Get Your Device Ready for Spring!

March Madness is upon us! Whether you follow college basketball or not, you can hardly avoid hearing about it mid-March to early April every year. At TechRestore, our team has one goal in mind – delivering experiences beyond expectation. On that, we are completely unified and for a few hours a day, we can put […]

TechRestore – Your Best Choice for Trade-In’s

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your device or turn that electronics graveyard drawer into cash – TechRestore is your best choice for trade-ins. We’ve been in the consumer electronics repair business for a long time and we understand what a nuisance it can be to get the most cash for your devices. TechRestore will pay […]

TechRestore – Why Settle for Less than a Lifetime?

TechRestore has been performing iPhone repairs since the beginning of iPhone history. It was scary at first, since there were very few repair options for iPhone and in the beginning parts could be sketchy. Right away, we set ourselves apart from the rest by including stellar customer service at every stage. In the last few years […]

Have You Replaced the Battery in Your iPhone?

Apple gave haters the best belated Christmas gift ever last year. “Proof” that Apple was slowing down phones to “force” users to upgrade.  *MUWAHAHAHAHAHAHA* It’s not always easy being a Mac advocate. We love our iMacs, Mac Minis, Mac Pros, MacBooks, MacBook Pros and Airs, iPods, iPads and iPhones! We love the closed, secure, dedicated […]

TechRestore vs Online Classified Sites

Every so often, a customer will come to us with a device they purchased from an online classified site. Although it seemed fine at first, there’s a problem: During set up they discovered it is iCloud locked There is some functionality problem (buttons not responding, won’t charge, touch screen is erratic) It was working fine, […]

Refurbishing iPads: The Ins and Outs

Everyone wants a good deal. In the consumer electronics market, the best deals often come in the form of used and refurbished units sold at a discounted price. So, what’s the difference between a used iPad and a refurbished one? At TechRestore, we take pride in our high quality refurbished iPads . Yes, these iPads […]