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TechRestore’s Fantastic Friday Sales

What is the magic of the Friday after Thanksgiving?  There are so many great things, it’s hard to narrow it down to one. The rich traditions of leftover turkey and stuffing sandwiches, the gratitude that the busy day is over, the four day weekend most of us  enjoy, the all-American shopping spree – just to name a few.

This Friday, we hope you’ll be joining us to bring the tradition of supporting local and small businesses aka “Plaid Friday“. Most of the time, you will find that you can get even better deals with friendlier service to boot!

This Friday, TechRestore has some AWESOME deals that we are really, really excited to share with you! Online or in-store – let’s dive right in!

2018 MacBook Pro



  • Apple Refurbished 13.3 inch MacBook Pro
  • 2.3 GHz quad-core Intel Core i5
  • Retina display
  • Space Gray
  • FACTORY SEALED with 1 year Apple Warranty included
  • Apple’s price $1,489 – TECHRESTORE price $1,375 

While supplies last! In-store and online.

2015 MB Air 11MacBook Air 2015

  • Certified pre-owned 11″
  • CTO (Custom Order) upgraded 8GB RAM
  • 1.6GHz Core i5
  • 128GB SSD
  • Intel HD Graphics 6000
  • Includes 90 day warranty
  • Regular price $450, NOW ONLY $399

While supplies last! In-store and online!


Things get a little feisty at dinner?

Friday only – 30% off iPhone repairs!

Keep it safer with a screen protector – all screen protectors are 50% off!

8″ Slate Android tablet $20!

ipad 4 ipad airiPad 4th Generation $89

  • 16GB WiFi
  • Runs up to iOS 10.3
  • Retina display
  • Up to 10 hours battery life

iPad Air 1st Gen  $140

  • WiFi
  • Runs up to iOS12
  • Retina display
  • Stereo speakers – dual microphones

Want to see all the full comparison of iPad 4 and iPad Air? Check this out.

There are even MORE great deals online and more in-store! Let us help you choose the right model for you or a loved one. We also offer extended warranties and lots of protective case options.

Don’t forget, we also have partnered with SNAP to make financing easy (a Snap!).

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Plaid is the New Black this Friday

black friday mobA trend in the wrong direction.

Most people recognize the Friday after Thanksgiving as “Black Friday”. While it was once considered the best way to jumpstart holiday shopping, it has become less relevant recently. Most retailers have started to offer deals all month long. Some stores don’t even wait for the pumpkin pie to settle and are even open ON THANKSGIVING (to which we say ‘not cool!’)

think plaidRemember what it’s about.

This year, we hope you’ll join us to support a nationwide, emerging movement in retail sales called “Plaid Friday”. This is still a day of spectacular deals but it aims to bring us back to the true intention of the holidays by encouraging shoppers to shop from local and small businesses.

Just as plaid represents unique colors, woven together into a larger tapestry, small businesses are the fabric of strong communities.

Turning away from the temptation (and headache) of frenzied mega-sales at the big box stores, you can give gifts that you wrap and many that you can’t.

  • Give yourself the gift of easier parking, cheerful and helpful sales people, happy fellow shoppers!
  • Gift yourself the experience of buying face to face from someone who is really invested in their business and intent on making you happy with an authentic, quality experience that’s much more than a transaction. It’s a relationship!
  • Give the gift of healthy communities. Even if you purchase from a small business online that’s not in your town, you are still supporting a community somewhere! A business that gives back in direct and indirect ways.

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

So this Friday, after you have observed a day of thanks with family and friends (or however you celebrate the day!), join us in wearing plaid and shopping local and small! TechRestore will have some amazing deals and we’ll make sure you’re getting the best possible service all the way through. Our parking lot is big and easy to get to. We won’t brush you off if you have a question or concern. We are TechRestore! And we’re here as your tech specialists this holiday.


Hint, hint!

At the bottom of our home page, there’s a place to sign up for our weekly newsletter. Sign up today so you’ll always be first to know about our in-store and online specials. We’ll do a special blog later this week with all the PLAID FRIDAY deals, you won’t want to miss it.

The TechRestore Family wishes you and yours a very happy, warm and safe Thanksgiving and holiday season. Before you know it, it’ll be 2020 – a new decade!

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What’s To Love: Maps in iOS 13

There are many great, new features in iOS 13.

iOS 13 was released mid-September, there have been 2 updates since. There are too many major and minor updates and improvements to cover here. If you want the full scoop, you can get it from Apple directly.

apple map iconNow, let’s be honest. Apple Maps has not been winning hearts from the beginning. In fact, we have done repairs for damages sustained while USING Maps! iPhones have taken the brunt of anger towards this seemingly helpful app.  Have you ever been led in a circle by Maps? It feels like the navigation voice is laughing at you. Doesn’t it seem like it’s trying to get you lost sometimes? Ever wanted to chuck your phone under a bus or into the bay and watch with glee as that stupid nonsense voice said “calculating route”?!

No? Oh, neither have we then.

Has Maps redeemed itself?

flyover_pull_up_menu_50Well, there are some pretty great and so far useful features that are helping lower blood pressure somewhat (or at least not raise it!). We’ll stop short of hugging the phone, but it would be wrong not to acknowledge the vast improvement. Apple software designers must know that for every loud complaint they hear, there are a million uttered. It seems they listened.

First, there are the integrations. Maps can detect your calendared events (assuming they have an address entered), mark frequently visited places and mark your parked car (in Apple CarPlay it’s automatic, but you can do it manually by selecting the “i” in the upper right corner).

maps showing stoplightsSecond, the navigation voice is more natural. It still sounds like a computer, but rather than telling you to turn right in 1,000 feet (because you can measure feet in your head as you drive, right?), it will tell you to turn at the next light. If that isn’t specific enough (or sometimes the lights are obstructed by large vehicles or trees, etc), you can now SEE the lights on the map as you drive! Stop signs also show, which is so much more helpful than just telling you the distance to your next direction. You will also get more helpful information when there are multiple turn lanes to choose from. No more roulette or trying to read ahead on the turn by turn directions.

share eta ios 13 mapsThird, you can share your real time ETA with anyone and it will update as you make your way to your destination. That means if traffic gets worse, there’s a delay on the public transit or you have to stop for gas, etc, and you’re meeting someone at your final destination, they’ll know (within reason) exactly when to expect you. No more calling or texting updates and guesses; you can just (try to) relax and enjoy the rest of your journey.

Do you like to fly? Or virtually fly?

Apple has upgraded and added some really helpful and cool features in this version, too. If you travel a lot to different places, you may find the Airport maps really helpful. Not only will they tell you where your gate is, but also what shops are available before and after security. If only they could give you a real time of the Starbucks line …

You may remember seeing pictures and hearing reports of  Apple Maps cars driving across various countries and loads more theories about “why”. Well, it turns out, Apple had decided not to rely on third party map developers *coughGooglecough*.

maps with lookaround iconIt also turns out that one of the coolest features on the new Maps is “look around”. You may see it as a tiny pair of binoculars on the map itself when you search a place or on the drag up menu on after you search. Try typing in “San Francisco” or “New York” and then either tap the tiny binoculars or choose “look around” from the drag up menu. You get a street view of the place and you can change position and move your phone to, well, look around! It’s only available in select cities for now. 

Apple has also added a cool “Flyover” virtual reality view and tours of select cities and landmarks. While you’re checking out these cool places, you may want to make a list of sites you’d like to visit someday or learn more about. Well, guess what? That’s part of this feature.

So next time you’re NOT driving, be sure to check out some of these fun new features in Maps. If you need a newer iPhone or a bigger screen, stop by or visit us online. We’re already easy to find, but Maps will make it even easier. TechRestore has iPhone 6s and newer iPhones available now (and financing is a SNAP, if you need it!).

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