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TechRestore Counts the Ways – May 16th National Love a Tree Day

kal-visuals-594565-unsplashMay 16th is National Love a Tree Day!

Trees provide shelter for people and animals, shade, they help prevent the erosion of soil, oh yeah, and they turn carbon monoxide into oxygen! If only they did something really great like provide free wi-fi, right? There are many ways you can observe this day celebrating Mother Nature’s tallest kids. You can give your favorite tree a deep watering, add some wildlife friendly decorations, plant a new tree, or release your inner tree hugger, step outside and give the nearest tree a BIG HUG! Don’t worry, the neighbors will only avoid eye contact for a few days.

At TechRestore, we don’t confine our tree loving philosophy to just one day a year. In fact, if you’ve read our blogs before, you’ll see we talk about it a lot! Each day our goal is to be a better steward of the environment. We start by offering repairs to extend the life of working devices, continue with our trade in/buy back programs for individuals, businesses and schools. We take it one step further by offering top notch refurbished devices for sale (vs buying new ones) and finally, we recycle responsibly, no downstream waste. We even upgraded our local waste management partner to  match our philosophy.

When you have your device repaired, purchase a Certified Restored device or turn in your older electronics for recycle, you’re participating too! By choosing to extend the life of your old iPhone, iPad and Mac, you’re part of a greater solution. You can also rest assured because TechRestore stands behind it as we have for nearly 2 decades. Our goal is delivering experiences beyond your expectations.

Stop by or visit us online today – no appointment necessary.

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Kentucky Derby – Louisville’s Local Holiday

derby runningKentucky Derby is the longest running sports event in the United States.  It takes about two minutes for the three year old Thoroughbreds to run the 1.25 mile oval track. 2019 marks the 145th Run for the Roses. The race is steeped in history and tradition; it has been a constant in an ever changing landscape of the USA. It is considered the greatest race, the most exciting two minutes in sports.

If you’re not from Kentucky (and Louisville, specifically), this may be the extent of what you know of the Kentucky Derby. If you are from Kentucky, or have ever been there in April or early May, you know there is a LOT more to it! Here, it’s at least two weeks of community celebration. Schools release early on Thursday and close Friday. Many businesses (including ours!) are closed on Derby Day. It’s a big deal!

It begins with Thunder over Louisville on the Ohio River in mid-April. In the remaining weeks leading up to the main event on the first Saturday of May, there will be a slew of races:

  • Hot air balloon race
  • Steamboat race
  • Marathon (and mini-marathon)
  • Tour de Lou bike race
  • Ken-ducky Derby (42,000 rubber ducks race down the river)
  • Great bed race
  • Thurby and Oaks (pre-Derby horse races at the track)

We have a joke here that “They’ll race anything in Louisville!”.

At TechRestore, we embrace our community all year long and each of us are actively involved beyond business hours. The spirit of doing good things for and with others is very important to us. In fact, this integrity is woven throughout all our practices.

We will be closed this Saturday, May 4th to spend time with families and friends (which feels like the entire city right now) this Derby Day. Be sure to race in this week if you need a repair! While Louisville will race anything – TechRestore will fix just about anything!

(Watch out, we’re on a roll now!)

We hope you will be enjoying your weekend, too, wherever you may be. If you get a chance, tune in to the Kentucky Derby, the greatest race, the Run for the Roses, one third of the Triple Crown … the pre and post race shows will last all day, but if you can spare two minutes, maybe you can feel some the unity and excitement in the air here in Louisville.

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