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DIY Parts – Our One Year Warranty


You may have recently seen posts from us promoting our DIY and SafetyNet Program. Our belief is that there may be a little Do-It-Yourslef spirit in everyone. With resources like our awesome repair guides to help you along the way and our SafetyNet¬†service if you ever really get stuck, we’re confident that we can convince more people to take matters into their own hands.

We wanted to pass along more information based on questions and inquiries that we’ve received from curious customers recently since starting our new programs.

All repair parts purchased from our website come with a one year warranty that covers all defects. Defects are instances of the part not functioning as it should (i.e screen is unresponsive, LCD appears blank, artifacts appear on screen, etc). The warranty does not cover accidental damage to parts incurred by a user such as dropping the part and damaging it.

In the case of a defect you can contact us to acquire an exchange for a working part or a refund. We can be contacted with any questions or concerns (or maybe just to have a chat) by sending an email to, and by dialing¬†925-689-9488 or walking right into our store to speak to an actual live human person. We’re usually pretty excited to hear from you and our Apple Certified Technicians are more than knowledgeable enough to help with you any technical issues.

We hope to hear from you soon. Good luck in all your DIY endeavors!